Do you have a pool in your property? Are you planning to have one installed? If that’s the case, do you know how to maintain your pool?  

You shouldn’t worry, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool does not have to be as difficult as you may imagine. This is particularly true if you hire a professional pool service Fresno company.  

To make sure that your pool is usable for relaxing and swimming, you’ve got to take care of it. Here are several tips that you can follow: 

Examine the Water Level 

While water is lost during the swimming season, you’ve got to ensure that it’s at an excellent level across every week.  

You’ve got to ensure that the water level does not fall below the skimmer. The reason for this is that your pump may become damaged if this happens. You can easily fill back the water level of your pool using a garden hose.  

Brush the Tile and Walls 

Brushing the tile spots and walls is vital if you want to lower the amount of algae growth in the pool. Also, this will help prevent calcium buildup. 

You might have to utilize particular forms of chemicals and cleaning tools. This varies on the material your pool walls are made from. 

It’s vital that you use a soft brush for fiberglass or vinyl and a stiff brush for plaster concrete pools. Of course, you have to prevent scratches. However, you’ve got to ensure you’re really cleaning these spots.  

Keep the Right pH Level Constant 

The water of your pool must be examined to make sure it is healthy to swim in. If you want to measure the alkalinity and acidity of your pool, you can utilize the pH scale.  

On the pH scale, the pool should be around 7.2 up to 7.9. This is the safest level for your pool.  

Vacuum the Pool 

To lower the number of chemicals you’ve got to utilize and to keep the water clear, you have to vacuum your pool regularly. There are a lot of different pool vacuums that you can purchase. You have to ensure you purchase a high-quality one that fits your needs.  

You’ve got to work the vacuum all over the entire pool surface if you’ve got a manual one. It is basically the same as how you vacuum inside the house.  

To keep the pool in its excellent condition, it is a wise move to vacuum your pool each week. 

Clean the Filter 

There are various types of pool filters. Not all of them are created the same. They also have various maintenance needs. However, you’ve got to regularly clean the filter, no matter what type you’ve got. The frequency greatly depends on how often you utilize the pool and the type of filter you’re using.  

It’s also not recommended to clean the filter a lot of times. The ideal way to know if you’ve got to clean the filter is if you see an increase in the flow between the pressure gauge and the flow meter.