Whether you have a grand piano that you boast on, or a normal piano but given to you as an heirloom of your lineage, we know how important it is to relocate no matter how heavy and difficult it gets. Aside from this, you need to take extra measures to avoid causing damage, big or small, to your musical instrument. If you are planning a piano relocation, there are a lot of Piano Movers PA that can offer you the quality service. 

While some people think that transporting a piano can be DIY-ed, professional players and music enthusiasts know that it needs professional assistance, and cannot just be DIY-ed. Here, we provide you basic things you need to know when hiring a professional piano mover. 

Why Should You Hire Quality Piano Movers? 

As mentioned, your piano is heavy, bulky and huge that lifting it by your means can impose serious damage to the instrument and injury to you and the people involved in the lifting. The piano movers, however, have these qualities that avoid injuries and damages:  

Experience – companies have experience in moving different types of piano from different houses and buildings. They know how to deal with each type of piano and can respond to unexpected situations with expertise. Compared to you, these individuals know how to do proper relocation methods. 

Equipment – this is what they have that you don’t. Piano relocation requires special equipment and tools that help in safe lifting and relocation such as dollies, straps, cranes, and trucks.  

Storage – some relocations require many miles to journey on, and a day might not be enough for the travel time. Aside from that, there could be potential problems that may arise that will require you to pause the travel and continue it hours or days after. In these situations, storage is needed, which your piano mover service can provide.  

What Can You do for the Relocation Preparation? 

As the owner, you still have some responsibilities to do to ensure a seamless relocation process and to avoid providing some unnecessary and unrelated works to the piano movers. You can do the following 

Clear the space  – before the movers arrive, make sure you already have cleared the space to make the process easy for the movers, and to avoid damages and injuries that may cause by materials and things scattered on the place 

Ready your piano – rechecking your piano is one important thing you need to do. Before the movers arrive, check your piano if it has some issues and/or problems that may cause an unnecessary stall in the relocation process. Check for issues and problems before calling a service.  

What can You do During the Actual Relocation Process? 

On a moving day, you need to let the movers do their job. You already have made your part by the time they arrive, so let them do what they are tasked to do. Wait for them to finish and avoid causing problems such as blocking the path or giving help which is not requested.